When i first heard about Wt, i was really happy because i would be able to develop web software with C++.  Wt is pronounced as witty and can be found in here.

If you are familiar with Trolltech’ s Qt and you will like Wt, you develop your screens or forms with the strongest language in the world by the help of Wt. If you want to use ajax in your forms you can use the useful feature of  Wt for that.

First you develop your WApplication like QApplication in Qt and then develop your forms as developing a desktop application with C++. You do not write html or javascript all of the presentation is handled by wt.

I am planning to add some wt tutorial series, but till that time you can view Victor Volkman’s hello world tutorial about wt in here.

Another advantage of using wt is to port your desktop applications to web is so easy with it.