php, How I met and decided to use again

First i heard about php in a computer magazine, when i was in high school. After that I met apache and their good friend mysql came to meeting.  Then in the university years, the good friend Slackware joined us. It was fun to code with php and python while trying to learn c. They were easy and clean languages,  php syntax was so similar to c and then i decided to use php on the web projects, c was not something i was looking for i met c++ then oop adventure started. I had some ideals and tried to develop […]

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Php Turkish Locale Problem

There is a seven year old bug reported ( bug #18556) in php, when you set locale to turkish all of the class names in your code turns to lowercase, then probably your program will say i can not find class Init, because it tries to find the init class. Assigning all of the locale settings one by one is a good practice but there is easy solution for this problem. setlocale(LC_ALL, ‘tr_TR’); causes the error //when you add and set LC_CTYPE to another locale //this problem can be solved. setlocale(LC_CTYPE, ‘en_US’); find the init class

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