Jquery Introduction

As a web programmer i use some javascript libraries to ease the presentations development and adding new features to the presentations layer or write my owns. When you use a javascript library , you just dont want to only change the behaviour of your html forms and pages with javascript, you may want to add some functionality with ajax also. There are a lot of javascript libraries developers can use, but just a couple of them are really useful not so buggy and heavy. I was trying to develop my javascript libraries and use them with the softwares but it […]

Wt C++ Web Toolkit

When i first heard about Wt, i was really happy because i would be able to develop web software with C++.  Wt is pronounced as witty and can be found in here. If you are familiar with Trolltech’ s Qt and you will like Wt, you develop your screens or forms with the strongest language in the world by the help of Wt. If you want to use ajax in your forms you can use the useful feature of  Wt for that. First you develop your WApplication like QApplication in Qt and then develop your forms as developing a desktop […]

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