I asked this question when i first bought a bass guitar, i should add some songs here. Dont try to play songs just try to learn how to play a bass guitar. Learn the theory and then practice all the time then you can play any song you want to play, I will try to add good songs which have good bass riffs and  lead bass guitars in them.

Metallica – Orion
Metallica – My friend of misery
Metallica – Anesthesia
Doobie Brothers – Long train running
Queen – Another one bites the dust
Iron maiden – Powerslave
Iron maiden – Wasting love
Megadeth – Dawn Patrol
Megadeth – This was my life
Megadeth – A tout le monde
Larry king – Stand by Me
Baris Manco – Donence
Baris Manco – Gulpembe
RHCP – Snow
RHCP – (All of the songs )

These are the songs i like lead bass in them.

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