Flock developers call it as a “Social web browser”, it is a firefox clone with a lot of useful plugins for social web browsing.

But what is social web browsing ? With the development and common usage of social networks like facebook, youtube, twitter, badoo, netlog etc. people need to manage their social profiles from their browsers. Sometimes a user just wants to update his status and he /she does not want to login to the site for this single action, then developers published plugins like  twitterfox and facebook toolbar just for this reason.  For example,i  really dont want to login to my twitter account to update my status ( i dont like the tweet word that s why i am saying status ) and sometimes i want to update my twitter, facebook status and share a picture or a video from youtube or from photobucket. Thats a lot of work to do, Flock presents all of the social networking activity in one place with a useful design, they call this handy tool as a social web browsing tool.

It has a mediabar which you can see medias from youtube, revver or photobucket and a sidebar which you can edit your facebook, twitter status and update them. Sidebar also contains your friends status, you dont have to open the and login to the sites. Image upload and blog editing tools are very useful for me.

It is really useful if you have accounts in more than one social networks. Facebook notifications and chats are located at the right bottom of the screen in the statusbar of the browser. When you click one of your friends Media, your friends pics and videos are opened in mediabar.

It is a firefox clone as i said you may use firefox still to do that actions with installing some plugins to firefox, but flock has already have them. As a lazy man, i have installed flock for my social web browsing activities. Give it a try, you will like it.

Flock browser can be found in here.