Project Description

I developed Quds Social Network Framework and I developed two social applications by using this framework.

I developed the framework with Php, Java, C/C++, Python, Bash Scripting, JavaScript.

We used PostgreSql for the database, we wrote a lot of stored procedures which made our job easier.

I used Java for communicating with the database, I developed a RESTful api which communicates with the Php Framework.

Installer, deployer and packager scripts were built by using bach scripts.

Desktop and database tools like database versioning, comparing were developed with wxWidgets and C++

For developing our Php Framework we used Component Based Programming, Object Oriented and Subject Oriented Programming principles.

Social applications which are built by using the framework were really so easy to develop. Framework presentation layer uses Smarty, Css and Jquery, and the jquery plugins that we developed for the framework (like The application developer just edits the smarty templates and css, then the application is ready to use.

Social searching and scope related search were developed by the help of Sphinx and our framework.

Framework has the ability for adding those components and plugins and features; messaging, feed engine, notification engine, flexible scopes/subjects (like person, company,group,product), relationships, suggestion,reporting,blogging, multilingual system- multilingual contents-multilingual scopes/subjects at the same time by the help of our locale tools, translation, scope/subject permission management, scope/subject search, content management.

Detailed information and presentation are available upon request