Pay-by-link, Pay-by-tweet, Pay-by-instagram or any other social platforms

As a technical person, I cannot write really cool essays but I always come straight to the point. But before this let me ask you some questions about e-commerce and payment systems, selling and buying products via social platforms.

  • Do you know you dont need to have any e-commerce site or a payment system for selling your products?
  • Do you know you can sell your products via Twitter or Instagram by pay-by-link approach?

You can sell your products simply by following these steps ( pay-by-link )

  1. Create your product on the social e-commerce platform ( you can ask me for more information if you are interested in social e-commerce platforms )
  2. Choose your payment method(s)
  3. Generate your payment link
  4. Share your link

Sample link

If you share the generated link on twitter or instagram, your followers will be able to buy your products or services.

Another way of using payment links, is generating qr codes for them, think you saw a beautiful mug and want to buy the mug.

Just scan qr code and go to the url for buying the mug. If you want to sell your products on instagram, you only add qr code to your image and then send it to Instagram.

Thanks for reading, please do not forget to watch the video and check this tweet with payment link