I ‘ve developed an open source software, mulp – multi purpose software panel. Mulp was an effort to develop a control center for Truva Linux, but after i finished the software i realized that i always need a software panel when i develop desktop applications. I decided to make it easy-to-configure and usable in every platform where a software panel is needed.

Mulp is a multi purpose software panel developed in C++ and Wx. It is easy to configure to build your own control panels. Distribution developers will be able to use mulp in their distributions easily. Project is open source and hosted in http://sourceforge.net/projects/mulp

In first version of mulp, there are no plugins, you are able to run the installed programs on your system by editing mulp.xml. In later releases mulp will have the ability to load dynamic plugins, inşAllah.

You may change the mulp into another software panel by editing its xml file, an ubuntu control center application, truva linux control center application, a redhat control center application, sabily control center application… You dont need to edit the source code, you must just edit xml and then you will have your new software panel for your distribution.