As a web programmer i use some javascript libraries to ease the presentations development and adding new features to the presentations layer or write my owns. When you use a javascript library , you just dont want to only change the behaviour of your html forms and pages with javascript, you may want to add some functionality with ajax also. There are a lot of javascript libraries developers can use, but just a couple of them are really useful not so buggy and heavy.

I was trying to develop my javascript libraries and use them with the softwares but it was a time-taking issue and bosses-managers always think “there is no time to spend on developing a library or a useful thing”.( maybe it is just like this in my country )

Anyway, i used two javascript libraries a lot, i did not use, just tried the other libs. After examining some libs like xajax, dojo,moo tools, extjs and some others. I decided to use prototype and jquery, but now i just use jquery with my little libs.

I have always used just my little ajax libs for asynchronous calls with javascript, but someday i decided to try prototype with scriptaculous in a project. Everyone was writing about prototype on their blogs, i decided to give it a try. First, i have tried to use prototype and scriptaculous in a two week project with 20 database tables and a lot of ajax calls, everything was fine when i was not using ajax with prototype. When i started to add ajax functionality to the web pages, it was just like a torture for me, ajax responses were not stabile. I tried to solve what was the problem and saw it is a bug, now i dont know if this bug is still in the lib . Scriptaculous is a handy library for gui effects but it is not my job to add effects to the pages, on the other hand gui components are not so bad with scriptaculous they are really useful. Another important point about prototype, it is so huge to use if it is compared to jquery and jquery’s plugin mechanism.Scriptaculous and it is add-ons are too large, even i use gzip for my css and js. I dont like its add-on mechanism.

One day a friend of mine wanted me to build a quick site for him to present his products on the web. I installed drupal to his site and add some plugins to help him, then i realized the beatiful jquery with drupal. It was so light and handy in first sight. Then i decided to try it and now i am still using jquery for my projects.

Then after the story “how i met my jquery?” i can introduce jQuery now.

jQuery developers describe it ” jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery is designed to change the way that you write JavaScript”. Every word is completely right. I have never used and tried jquery under heavy loads then i cannot tell it is really fast and speedy. It is a really rad tool for software development.

jQuery community support and documentation is also succesfull, plugins are really easy to integrate with it, you can develop your own plugins and it is easy. It is cross browser compatible, i do not see any errors or differences between opera,firefox,safari,ie6,ie7,chrome when i test it. I usually use firefox for development.

Syntax for jquery is really fun and easy to write, if you want to find an element which has an id of “ielement” you just write

$.(‘#ielement’) // like document.getElementById(‘ielement’)

if you want to find some elements with class attribute “iclass” you should write


I will try to add some tutorials about jquery and its usage.

Thanks for reading.

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