I am a software engineer / programmer who developed programs with java,c++,c# and php with little bash and python, but mostly php and c++. I call my self  “software repairer” because i always had to develop somebody else’s projects and repair them, i am not saying it is a bad. I have also projects more than ten, none of my projects have been finished, they are all ( commercial ones for the companies i work and the free ones have the same end ) un-finished. They are all in beta phases or in version.

If you ask me why, i can give a lot of excuses and also detailed information about the excuses but who cares, i have a lot of unfinished work for 4 years. They are all waiting to see the sun light.

I am an open source and free software enthusiast, i learned a lot from the open source projects, they gave me the chance to know how to develop a software like a real professional. It is important to know how not to write code also, my commercial experiences in some companies taught me how not to write code. I try to obey the golden rules of software engineering, try to follow IEEE standards in all of the life cycle and development phases.

I am using Slackware and Debian, nowadays i have to use Windows a lot.

I hope i can write my experiences about software and software development, I also have to say that there are a lot of things i have to learn about software engineering, but sharing knowledge makes it precious. If you dont share your knowledge it is just useful to you, it means that it is not useful in real if you are so selfish.

I also play bass guitar, i am an amateur bass guitarist. Sometimes i may write something related to music espacially bass guitars, i am not a musician i cant write anything music theory.

I will try to add my daily experiences as a developer,  they will be mostly about web programming with php, postgresql, apache, mysql, c++, wt.

Hope you will like my posts.

Thanks for reading this article.