After talking a little bit about pay-by-link approach, we can continue talking about creating products and generating payment links for your products.

You dont need any e-commerce web site for selling your products, just add your product’s title, description and price information. After this you must choose which payment method to use on the generated link ( we used Money Transfer ). You can show all of the available payment methods to your users too. If you want to see a demo about this please follow

As you see just one page is enough for managing your product and payment page information, the rest is done by otraf.

Sure, I can hear your questions about the risks and fraud. You think that people can sell bad things, illegal things, digital goods which can cause some legal issues and alot of chargebacks etc. Here comes the automated risk and fraud management for products and transactions and social e-commerce. Maybe we can show risk management and fraud management on another post. But our next post will be about registering to otraf.