Where are you working recently?

Please check my experiences on this link

Where were you born?

I was born in the sweetest city in Turkiye, in Izmir.

Are you open to new job opportunities?

Hmmm, please ask this question in private by using Contact section of the blog

May I ask about your skills?

Sure, please check my skills on this link

May I ask about your projects?

Sure, plase feel free to ask about them and check my portfolio on this link

How are you related to aviation?

I studied Aircraft Powerplant and Fuselage Maintenance at university

Are you a developer?

Yes I am just a developer

Are there any other people having your name?

Yes, lots of. It is so interesting that they are also developing software

What is your job?

I studied at Aircracft Powerplant and Fuselage Maintenance and I got a bachelor’s degree on this subject but I work as a Software Developer