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    Generating payment links – Social payments Generating payment links – Social payments

    Generating payment links – Social payments

Generating payment links – Social payments

After talking a little bit about pay-by-link approach, we can continue talking about creating products and generating payment links for your products. You dont need any e-commerce web site for selling your products, just add your product’s title, description and price information. After this you must choose which payment method to use on the generated link ( we used Money Transfer ). You can show all of the available payment methods to your users too. If you want to see a demo about this please follow http://otraf.com/product?id=981c233bca70910e47759510f375c26918f4f8db As you see just one page is enough for managing your product and […]

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Bash script değişkenlerinizi dosya içerisinden okumak

Linux altında çalışırıken çoğuz zaman bash scriptleri yazmak zorunda kalırız. Linux komutlarını kullanarak Slackware ‘in paket yonetim aracı pkgtool türünde uygulamalar yazabiliriz. Geliştirdiğiniz bash uygulamanız geliştikçe ve büyüdükçe fonksiyonlarınızın ve scriptinizin içerisinde kaybolmaya başlarsınız. Çoğu geliştirici bash uygulamalarında kendilerini tek bir dosya içerisinde kod yazmaya zorlarlar. Kullanılacak global değişkenleri de aynı script dosyası içerisine yazarlar. Küçük uygulamalar için bu yontemi kullanmanın hiçbir sakıncası yoktur ancak programınız büyüdükçe bakımı zorlaşır ve kendi geliştiirdiğiniz uygulamanın içinde siz dahi kaybolursunuz. Gerçekte bash scriptlerinizi ya da bash uygulamalarınızı birden fazla dosya kullanarak, değişkenleri ve fonksiyon tanımlarınızı farklı dosyalara kaydederek geliştirebilirsiniz. Bu şekilde geliştirdiğiniz scriptleriniz […]

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Alaçatı, Bodrum, Çeşme, Headcrusher, Flock, Caching, Facebook…

I have not written anything for weeks. I was so busy and had no time to write anything but code for the project. I went to Bodrum for a short holiday then came back my office.  After four days of development I went to Çeşme and Alaçatı with my cousins. Our music band is not exercising for seven weeks, we were in studio (seven weeks ago) after the short holidays of me, then I had to go to Istanbul. When I came home, i heard that vocalist ended his music life.Since we are amateur musicians not professionals, playing without a […]


Greetings, I am a software engineer / programmer who developed programs with java,c++,c# and php with little bash and python, but mostly php and c++. I call my self  “software repairer” because i always had to develop somebody else’s projects and repair them, i am not saying it is a bad. I have also projects more than ten, none of my projects have been finished, they are all ( commercial ones for the companies i work and the free ones have the same end ) un-finished. They are all in beta phases or in version. If you ask me […]


Some software projects by Onur GÜZEL. Electronical Work Tracking ( eWT ) ( C#, MSSQL, VS, SQLMS, XML, SQL, Crystal Reports ) Aviax Linux ( License Thesis ) ( Bash, C++, C, GTK, Php, Python ) Mulp ( Multi Purpose Software Panel ) (C++, wxWidgets ) http://mulp.sourceforge.net Jquery Jui Plus Plugin (Social network jquery plugin) (javascript, jquery) http://juiplus.jquery.com http://onurguzel.net/uiplus/ HTSim ( Air Traffic Simulator Prototype ) ( C++, SDL, XML, LibXML ) Joomla Sipariş Component ( com_siparis ) ( Php, MySql, Joomla as Framework, XML, Java ) Maintenance Center for small airline companies ( M.C., just for fun ) ( […]