Developing a Magento Module

    We will try to develop a Magento module together, I ll try to write these tutorials step by step. I am going to develop some tools for magento and we will use them, so while you are learning I will try to learn also. The first tool for our tutorials is called addmagentomodule. It is just a bash script, than we may use the script on *nix operating systems like linux and mac and maybe on windows by the help of cygwin. The script just creates the skeleton for a magento module, from now on we don’t need to […]

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Php object oriented programming with design patterns

   There are some certain designs in software development like in designing an aircraft. While designing an aircraft designers use some patterns, for example there is a pattern for landing gears. They are located under the aircraft and they have supports which are joint to the fuselage. Designer does not have to design a landing gear from scratch, if it is not needed, because he knows what is the pattern of a landing gear. Patterns are like templates while designing and building an automobile or aircraft. Software developers also need patterns for building their software projects like in other engineering […]

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Php Operators III

Php operators are grouped in some sections, we gave the common operators in our previous article; Assignment Arithmetic Comparison Logical String Bitwise Error control Execution Incrementing / decrementing Array Type What is an operator? If you want to change a variables value, multiply two numbers, compare two variables you use operators. Operators do operations on variables and sometimes you use them in your functions also. Assignment Operators They set the left operands value from its right. If you assign a value to a varible you use = (equals) operator. $variable = 1453; It means assign 1453 to variable. Arithmetic Operators […]

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Php Syntax and Variables II

Hi, We are going to learn php syntax and variables on this article. We have talked about php syntax on the first php article, the syntax looks like c,c++,java and if you know one of these languages’ syntax it will be easy to learn php syntax. Php is a scripting language and we must say to its interpreter where the php code begins and where it ends. We use to tell the php interpreter it is a php script and it should interprets the script among these tags. //: Double slashes means this line will not be interpreted by the […]

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Php Programming Language I

Hi, I was so busy so i could not write any content to my blog as i promised. I will try to describe what is Php and how,when and why should you use it. I am writing the tutorial from scratch and if i have some typos or errors on my tutorials please let me know. First of all, Php is a programming language and it is a scripting language which means it is not compiled to machine code directly it is interpreted from source code or byte code. It is originally designed for web development to produce dynamic web […]

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Smarty Cleanurl plugin

I developed a cleanurl which makes it easy to switch between classic urls and clean urls like ( http:/ for ) before adding the component you should make some changes like in .htaccess and Smarty.class.php in Smarty.class.php add this line ( by default it is false ) Code: /** * When set, smarty cleanurls are enabled * * @var boolean */ var $cleanurl = false; among the class attributes, i use it integrated with smarty and when i want to enable cleanurls i just tell to smarty to set this value true Code: $smarty = new Smarty(); // //smarty […]

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php, How I met and decided to use again

First i heard about php in a computer magazine, when i was in high school. After that I met apache and their good friend mysql came to meeting.  Then in the university years, the good friend Slackware joined us. It was fun to code with php and python while trying to learn c. They were easy and clean languages,  php syntax was so similar to c and then i decided to use php on the web projects, c was not something i was looking for i met c++ then oop adventure started. I had some ideals and tried to develop […]

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Php Turkish Locale Problem

There is a seven year old bug reported ( bug #18556) in php, when you set locale to turkish all of the class names in your code turns to lowercase, then probably your program will say i can not find class Init, because it tries to find the init class. Assigning all of the locale settings one by one is a good practice but there is easy solution for this problem. setlocale(LC_ALL, ‘tr_TR’); causes the error //when you add and set LC_CTYPE to another locale //this problem can be solved. setlocale(LC_CTYPE, ‘en_US’); find the init class

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Sipariş Component for Joomla

Joomla Sipariş Component Joomla Sipariş Component is developed by a company’s request with the help of php, dreamweaver, mysql, xml and joomla. For more information please contact with me. Video of this component will be available upon request of my portfolio.