Jquery Eklentisi – JuiPlus Plugin

   Hi,  I was willing to develop a jquery plugin for some years, but i did not have time to do that. I ‘ve developed a jquery plugin for social networks and social sites, plugin also can be used as a ui framework for web applications. Some other jquery plugins are inserted into the plugin, like fcbkcomplete and elastic plugin. JuiPlus is still in development and dont use the juiplus on your production environment and dont use unless you know what you are doing. You have to wait a little bit for the stable release. Screenshots, documentation and examples are […]

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Jquery Introduction

As a web programmer i use some javascript libraries to ease the presentations development and adding new features to the presentations layer or write my owns. When you use a javascript library , you just dont want to only change the behaviour of your html forms and pages with javascript, you may want to add some functionality with ajax also. There are a lot of javascript libraries developers can use, but just a couple of them are really useful not so buggy and heavy. I was trying to develop my javascript libraries and use them with the softwares but it […]