Mulp Editing xml file

Mulp is easy to configure and we will discuss what we can do with mulp by editing its xml. Mulp xml is located under /etc/mulp/mulp.xml Onur GUZEL 0.0.1 Truva Control Panel plugins /usr/share/mulp/images/truvalinux.png Online Update Install and Remove Software Boot Startup Applications Software Sources Clean Computer Bluetooth Drivers Disk Utility Keyboard Monitors Mouse Sound Startup Disk Printing Power Management Login Screen Log File Viewer System Monitor Time and Date Users and Groups System Testing Network Setting Network Connections Personal File Sharing Network Proxy Remote Desktop Bluetooth Accessibility Language Support Keyboard Layout Keyboard Shortcuts Theme Compiz Configuration Main Menu […]

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Mulp – Multi Purpose Software Panel

I ‘ve developed an open source software, mulp – multi purpose software panel. Mulp was an effort to develop a control center for Truva Linux, but after i finished the software i realized that i always need a software panel when i develop desktop applications. I decided to make it easy-to-configure and usable in every platform where a software panel is needed. Mulp is a multi purpose software panel developed in C++ and Wx. It is easy to configure to build your own control panels. Distribution developers will be able to use mulp in their distributions easily. Project is open […]

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Aviax Linux – HtSim – Apcav Pictures

Aviax Linux Presentation can be found here Aviax Linux KDE HtSim ( Air Traffic Simulator Prototype ) Apcav ( Multipurpose Data Management for Aviation )Aviational Dictionary and more to come…

Aviax Linux

Aviaxd Linux was developed for my License thesis when i was at university. The distribution was developed for the aviators and it was called Aviators’ Linux / Aviational Linux. Aviax had no support and now it is no longer being developed. To see some pictures about the project, please click here. For the presentation of “Aviax” and “Aviation and Linux” please click here.