I have not written anything for weeks. I was so busy and had no time to write anything but code for the project. I went to Bodrum for a short holiday then came back my office.  After four days of development I went to Çeşme and Alaçatı with my cousins.

Our music band is not exercising for seven weeks, we were in studio (seven weeks ago) after the short holidays of me, then I had to go to Istanbul. When I came home, i heard that vocalist ended his music life.Since we are amateur musicians not professionals, playing without a vocalist wont be so hard, because we used to do that :).


I am not playing bass guitar for one month, i really missed my  bass guitar but i dont have time to play or exercise. I hope I will have time to play and exercise because i need to do that.

When I was in Istanbul i realized that my browser was using 900 MB of my computer’s ram, I was shocked because i have never seen a browser using 900 MB of ram while it has just one open tab,site, google.com. I really liked Flock and the concept but they should work hard about the memory management, it is a firefox clone but some plugins on it cause some trouble. I did not try Flock on Linux, i used Flock on Windows but it scared me a lot. I have downloaded the latest stable release (2.5.2), it seems it will cause less trouble than the previous version.


In Istanbul, I studied about caching mechanism and caching methods. It is really important to cache your datas for presentation if you are developing a huge web application which  has so many users. I hope i can write a good article about caching for web applications when i have time. Facebook’s caching mechanism is a good example for that, they are using caching on memory, disk and database, that’s my opinion. Some people think that they are using just memory caching, but it is not the easiset and securer way to do caching, some other methods should support memory caching to make it more reliable. I have seen their new search and they have time to solve the problems. There is a pagination bug for years, when you search for someone or something. The results which have better ranking/matching points related to search comes in the first page but when you go the next page,or the other, the other …, you can see a result from a previous page. That’ s not a good thing for facebook.

Megadeth came with their new album and i liked it, thrash and speed comes with their new album. Headcrusher is a good song, fans should listen to this album.

I have summarized the last seven weeks, I will try to add some tutorials and articles as soon as possible.

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