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Social web browsing with Flock

Flock developers call it as a “Social web browser”, it is a firefox clone with a lot of useful plugins for social web browsing. But what is social web browsing ? With the development and common usage of social networks like facebook, youtube, twitter, badoo, netlog etc. people need to manage their social profiles from their browsers. Sometimes a user just wants to update his status and he /she does not want to login to the site for this single action, then developers published plugins like  twitterfox and facebook toolbar just for this reason.  For example,i  really dont want to […]

Wt C++ Web Toolkit

When i first heard about Wt, i was really happy because i would be able to develop web software with C++.  Wt is pronounced as witty and can be found in here. If you are familiar with Trolltech’ s Qt and you will like Wt, you develop your screens or forms with the strongest language in the world by the help of Wt. If you want to use ajax in your forms you can use the useful feature of  Wt for that. First you develop your WApplication like QApplication in Qt and then develop your forms as developing a desktop […]

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Php Turkish Locale Problem

There is a seven year old bug reported ( bug #18556) in php, when you set locale to turkish all of the class names in your code turns to lowercase, then probably your program will say i can not find class Init, because it tries to find the init class. Assigning all of the locale settings one by one is a good practice but there is easy solution for this problem. setlocale(LC_ALL, ‘tr_TR’); causes the error //when you add and set LC_CTYPE to another locale //this problem can be solved. setlocale(LC_CTYPE, ‘en_US’); find the init class

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Greetings, I am a software engineer / programmer who developed programs with java,c++,c# and php with little bash and python, but mostly php and c++. I call my self  “software repairer” because i always had to develop somebody else’s projects and repair them, i am not saying it is a bad. I have also projects more than ten, none of my projects have been finished, they are all ( commercial ones for the companies i work and the free ones have the same end ) un-finished. They are all in beta phases or in version. If you ask me […]